Watch TV from Greece on my mobile phone

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Sometimes we believe that our television programming leaves much to be desired and we want to try as that of other countries. If we decide to hire a satellite dish service will be expensive and certainly we can not choose a specific country.

Fortunately your phone or tablet can give you the solution: There are free applications that provide channels directly responsible for these devices. If you can share the image with the TV, you can watch TV in the traditional way, if any slowdown while you have a good Internet connection.

Applications for Greek television on mobile

– Greece Live TV

This app lets you watch streaming television in Greece. It has an extraordinary quality but you need a fairly powerful device to make it work.
It has been rated 3 stars out of 5. One problem you have is that servers often fall. If we’re lucky we can watch TV without any problem.

– Greek TV

This application is much more attractive than the previous design. It is also very intuitive so all users, even if they have never used an app of this type, be used without any problem.
We will have access to all current programming in Greece. In addition, some programs also give us the option so we can add subtitles, so it is a very complete and special application.

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