Free television Germany

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German is one of the languages more complicated to learn that there are… however, have a television programming very varied and interesting not to be seen in too many international countries. If you want to learn German or you want to see the list of television channels that enjoy the Germans from the comfort of your phone or cell, we have prepared a brief guide to help you.

– Das Erste

Tuned to channel 1 of all the german tv, the implementation of Das Erste is of the best and is that not only can you enjoy multimedia content, but also on the grid live in most of the programming of the day. As fireworks end, you can add to your favorites and series favorite programs and you will receive a notification prior to the start of the event.

– 7 TV

The implementation of the channel 7 of Germany is one of the most downloaded, perhaps not for their quality, but also by the large amount of content that contains the channel for all types of audiences, which attracts thousands of people lost their reallities and favorite series, to see them through the mobile phone. On the other hand, you can’t enjoy live in its programming.


This application is very novel channel 2DF grille television german. With ZDF, not only can you enjoy content live and multimedia, but you can also interact live through voting in contests and other decisions that invite you to take in different programs used opendns to the use of this magnificent application.

These are 3 of the main applications that will be discharged by the Germans to enjoy the best of the television in your cellular or mobile phone. If you want to enjoy these channels, do not hesitate to proceed to your installation.

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