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If you are already tired always of seeing it the same in the television, it is possible that you need to see another type of channels of other countries. In this occasion, we recommend to you to syntonize the television of England because they do a few very good programs that are exported usually to the rest of the world, this way, you will be able to anticipate yourself.

In case your antenna does not allow it to you (that will be the habitual thing) a very interesting possibility exists: you can unburden yourself different applications for Android of the channels of television that compose the television broiler of England.

If you do not know any, we want to help you presenting the most well-known and most unloaded to you not only for the proper Englishmen, but also for other persons as you and I who want to enjoy new contents.

– BBC Media Player

This application allows you to enjoy video and audio of the channels that shape the group of the BBC, as there are BBC News or BBC Sports. With a very simple but functional interface: it is a question of one of the best applications to know about what happens at present in England so much sportingly as across news.

– ITV Hub

With the ITV application you are not going to get lost anything and the fact is that you will be able to enjoy from programs recognized worldwide like Got Talent after documentaries, sports and one without end of multimedia and live contents thanks to list of channels that ITV shapes in the English television, as they are ITV1, ITV2, and this way up to 8 channels, that joining all its content in only one application, it offers us a wide panorama what the Englishmen enjoy every day in its TV sets.

– ALL 4

English 4 talks each other of the application of the Channel, with big growth in the last months due to the entry of series of television that have hooked million viewers. In ALL4 you will be able to enjoy the best content of the channel E4, Channel 4 and 4 Resides.

– Demand 5

It is the application across which you can enjoy the Channel 5 of England. He has very good evaluations and the fact is that to the being compatible with the device Chromechast, you can spend the image of the application to your television.

Do not hesitate to install this one applications that will allow you to see the best series, sports events, news and entertainment of the television of England in your mobile.

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