Free television Italy

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Are you tired of the programming on television today? Probably because if you don’t put all the while the same program you’ll surely get bored of all the advertising that you face. With the majority of applications, we can enjoy of the best content on the Italian television easily.

It is said that the television of Italy is divided into two main groups, the public (RAI), composed of three general interest channels and on the other hand, the private, where like Spain, dominates Mediaset company founded by former president ordination he severed for Berlusconi. Mediaset’s channels Italy are Italy 1, Rete 4, Canale 5. Then we show you how to enjoy all the contents of this string through the cell.

– Rai TV

RAI TV offers up to 14 channels of Italian television, all a endless programs that you will be able to enjoy. It is one of the favorite applications of Italians as well evidenced by the number of downloads.

– Mediaset

First of all clarify that Mediaset also has channels of Spain, so make sure if you want to see the italian channels to download to your phone the application of Hard distributed by RTI SPA. You can also keep a large amount of live events but also go to the media library where you can watch your favorite series arrears or start from scratch a new series. In addition, you can even play with your friends in different challenges.

In addition to these two main applications that encompass all the channels that cover the two companies, you will also find almost all the channels individually, having your own app, but if you want to save some time and not go channel, do not hesitate to install the two applications more valued of tv channels in Italy to enjoy on your cell phone.

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