Free television France

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Every day more and more people are trying to increase their horizons to view channels from other countries due to different events, news, or programs for success that are born in other countries and if a country is characteristic of its culture, it’s France and so is your television.

– France Télévisions

The merger of Antenne 2 and France Regions 3, was born the group. At present, have different channels as France 2, France 3, France 4 and France 5. So you don’t have to go descangando or accessing different sites, we’re going to have to overview mode content that is offered in each of these channels.

France 2 is a channel generalist, France 3 also, but with connections in certain hours with different regions of France. For its part France 4 is available in greater variety, events, sports, series, ..

Now that you already know a little more on the grid for the channels compounds by France Télévision, tap Install your applications and is available in several, from the 1ere, tele et radio until France 3 Regions or France 5.

– France 24

If you’re one of those passionate to present and you love to watch the news, France 24 is the most popular of the international applications that we offer everything that is happening in the country. Best of all is that you have multiple languages so that but we are French, we can deal without further application, making it one of the best apps to keep up to date.

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