See Uruguay Television in cell

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The idea of ​​this article is to offer a series of “applications for Android phones” offering us the possibility to watch TV live on them. In addition, they are free and do not have to give us high and hire a plan to subscribe to a premium service. A good alternative to vary with the content we encounter daily on television, but without having to pay for it.

– Live Sports TV

This application is very original. We have access only to Urugay sports channels. It is specially designed to see those relevant parties (sometimes even paid) that are issued on pay-TV.

In addition, we can see any other sport: Basketball, football, tennis, cricket … even those not estilan in our country.

Has a very high score (4/5 stars on Google Play) and most reviews of the app are very positive.

– Vera TV

This great app for Android has a much simpler interface (with graphics that look like a few years ago) but perfectly fulfills what it promises. The idea is simple: we featured a channel ready and we choose them to add them to custom lists.
When we want to see any of them is as simple as touching the icon of one of them and we will start playing in an almost immediately.
Has some issues with the WIFI but from the media tells us to improve in the upcoming review of the application.

– Online TV

This is one of the best applications to play streaming television that we can find. It does not focus on any particular country so we can find virtually all content. 4G allows connection so you can see live content from your mobile phone data connection. An interesting way to watch free TV on your cell Uruguay.

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