See TV Series on cell

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View series online is one of the most current fashion trends. The problem is that, with the entry into force of the new laws, many of the sites we knew have finished closing. When we try to access such content it is when you realize that you no longer know any pages that we offer.

Fortunately there are a lot of Android applications that meet that purpose. Then you will present the two best Android apps that handle this type of content offer.

– Lets Luk
An application with a lot of current series that is updated on a daily basis. One of the great features is that it has direct compatibility with Chromecast.

It has an intuitive design that will be able to use any type of user. In addition, it also has a good system of feedback will allow us to assess whether a chapter is the one that has to be before playback.

Another major options we have available. It offers movies and programs in various languages ​​and also also specializes in offering Anime for all people who are passionate about this genre.

Users complain that it is not as current as it should, but little by little they are adding a whole lot of movies and series. A couple of options for viewing multimedia content that can not miss on your phone.

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