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Paraguay TV

Si te interesa disfrutar de los mejores canales de televisión de Paraguay, descarga ahora la aplicación para móviles inteligentes, Paraguay Televisión.

This application promises to be the best application for smart TV mobile with which we have a huge list of channels nations. The App is updated daily with new channels, according to the developers and is completely free.

So far the application has a small list of channels that grows every day and this gives a very interesting and unique touch, as for lovers of television, have many alternatives to enjoy the best television programs, or the best news, is a very important factor.

These are the channels:

  • TV Cámara
  • SNT Cerro Cora
  • Unicanal (próximamente)
  • TV Publica Paraguay
  • Red Guaraní
  • Paravisión en vivo
  • La tele
  • Telefuturo Paraguay en Vivo

One of the most remarkable and outstanding features of the application, which gives it a golden point, is the ability to see all without the need for checking channels and not have any type of intrusive advertising and at least so far it has remained completely clean.

With this application the Paraguayans will enjoy watching the most relevant news, a sports channel and a channel cinema. All the fun for our eyes focused on this application. Available for different mobile devices running Android OS free.

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