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Ecuador TV

Just a few years ago it was impossible to watch TV on cell phones. They had still not enough to make even a processor that could handle that memory performance. Fortunately, technology has advanced and we have available on Android TV anywhere in the world.

We can find a lot of free applications and websites that will allow us to see. Then we’ll teach you the top 3 of them.

Top 3 for free TV in Ecuador

– Live TV Ecuador

This application ensures that we will see Ecuador channels live. Some are in HD (High Definition) so you’ll have to make sure we are using the WIFI in our home.
Free subscription so you do not have to avail ourselves any subscription service or anything similar. The only downside is that not all channels are available; the frequency is changing and we must wait for new updates to them. In any case, it is an option that must be from now on your mobile phone.

– EcuaMedia

This versatile application will allow us to watch TV both “Ecuador” as “Colombia”. It also has available some radio channels that work perfectly. It has a lot of channels and with an interface design that helps to use, even if you’re not accustomed to installing apps.
We ensure that the web content is constantly updated. The website is divided into three sections: TV, radio and newspapers.
It is very simple to use and allows you to access all kinds of digital content.

– Planet Radio TV

It allows us to watch TV from anywhere in the world, including Ecuador. One of the drawbacks is that it gives some important flaws and all channels not always work.

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