See TV Dominican Republic in mobile phone

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Dominicans would not be less than other countries where we have already talked about how to watch free television via telephone. This time we tried Dominican television, a free app developed by Jeffrey Rojas with which to see a large number of local and national channels in the country.

Digital 15, NSC 37, Altera 5, Antena Latina 7, Channel 25 and more, the catalog of TV is very spacious and best of all, and unlike other applications, you need not install on your cell no extra supplement as I could be a flash plugin.

Dominican television offers free and easy access around the interface channel list. Once chosen our channel, just enough to press on and within seconds you’ll be watching online. Note that the signal is external, so you may momentarily a channel for external changes is not available, the currents advising you that the application developer for correction soon.

An application that can not miss on your phone if you want to see the totally free Dominican television.

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