Free television Colombia

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The Colombian television is characterized by incredible programs that few other countries have or are in those formats. In the case that, for whatever reason, you can’t tv or simply want to see the canals of Colombia in the cell phone, we’re going to give the favorite options of Colombians.


RCN Television is a Colombian company but with a presence in dozens of Latin countries, so in addition to what is happening in Colombia, so you can learn more about the news of their neighboring countries. Radio Cadena Nacional, RCN, available through the cellular 3 applications, a specially designed for tablets and other two for mobile phones, a so-called RCN TV, where you can follow all kinds of productions and Noticias RCN, as its name suggests, allows you to follow all events occurring in the country.


Abbreviation for Cadena Radial Colombiana de Television, the reality is that it is one of the most followed with the largest audiences throughout the country. In fact, since our cell we can enjoy all their content on different applications that are available, such as Caracol TV (access to programs already cast), Snail Play (series, novels and movies) or News snail.

– Institutional Channel

Less successful because it is more focused well only for its population, in the Institutional Channel we can see emissions of plenary and commissions of the Parliament and enjoy news from Colombia. Anyway, they also have connections with news international as Russia today, known as RT or EuroNews, among others.

Depending on what you want, both with the application for your mobile phone of the Institutional Channel as the many that offer two of the major television companies of Colombia as are Caracol and RCN, you can enjoy of the best programming for free on your cell phone.

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