Free television Argentina

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We often find ourselves zapping from the sofa and we see the same programs over and over again. Are those moments when we wonder who will be looking in other foreign channels, for example, in the Argentine television. Listed below the easiest way to enjoy the Argentine television on your cell phone.

– Public TV

With more than 60 years of history, the Public Television of Argentina is emitted from Buenos Aires to the rest of the country. Through its programming you can enjoy from channels of information and training to the most fun entertainment. Among some of the complaints from users is the delay in updating content and is based in virtually synopsis and forthcoming releases.

– The Thirteen

With headquarters in Buenos Aires and property of the Grupo Clarin, The Thirteen has a history of more than 55 years of tradition and through their application we can enjoy a wide variety of the best programs of the Argentine television live, something that the public so far does not offer.

In addition, it also allows a user to interact with other users while watching the newscast or vote for your favorite contestant in different realities. It is one of the best ways to see the argentine tv on your cell phone in direct.

– Telefe News

If you are not one of those people that you like to be a day of everything that happens in the world and especially in Argentina, this is your application. With Telefe News you from knowing in real time the late breaking news to answer different questions, score points and become part of the ranking.

These are some of the main ways to see the Argentine television free from cellular, don’t hesitate to access them for free.

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