Free television Spain

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The TV has been since its invention the means of entertainment at the global level more used, the content that you can look through it, and the schedules most eagerly awaited by some such as the news, the morning, programs for children, series, movies, sports and up to the horoscope, depending on the time zone.

Some expect to enjoy a good movie a Sunday afternoon with family and other enjoy in solitude of your favorite series, the detail is that to enjoy this you’ve always needed deciding to purchase a package of satellite tv or cable but that is a thing of the past since there is the chance to see free tv of Spain on the internet from your phone using a variety of pages and applications that offer this service completely free.

Before to help you and guide you how to view the television of Spain from the cell phone, you talk about the major television networks.

TVE1 and TVE2 : these are the two main channels of public television spanish. Through its app you can indulge in content to the Charter, or even of their live broadcasts. In addition, account with the Channel 24 hours dedicated to the informational and Teledeporte, the latter as you can imagine to see different sporting events.

Telecinco: this is one of the channels of the several available Mediaset in the grid tv spanish. Is a leader of audience, not only to private broadcasters but it also exceeds the public. In addition to T5, Mediaset has the Channel 4 and other alternative where repeated series, movies and pictures. You can enjoy through the mobile phone in your app Mitele, which brings together all the channels in the group.

Antena 3: this is the second of the private broadcasters more views of Spain and like Telecinco, also has other secondary canals that occupy the digital terrestrial television of the country. Enjoy its contents to the letter is quite simple in our phone with the application Atresplayer.

In Spain has been an indispensable tool that through a smart phone you can access through applications to see wherever you are, by pressing a single button to download applications that will give you access to the programs that you like most.

After having these options there is no excuse to stay without seeing the television of Spain free, enjoying the best programs, tv series and sporting events like the Champions League or the League and after all remains absolutely free!

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