See Television of Chile in cell

On many occasions we are tired of what we offer conventional television and look for ways to explore new channels. Since our normal tune antenna is impossible: for it would have to hire a satellite dish that is responsible for the reception … and of course, that would be expensive. Fortunately, if you have an […]

See Uruguay Television in cell

The idea of ​​this article is to offer a series of “applications for Android phones” offering us the possibility to watch TV live on them. In addition, they are free and do not have to give us high and hire a plan to subscribe to a premium service. A good alternative to vary with the […]

See TV Ecuador in cell

Just a few years ago it was impossible to watch TV on cell phones. They had still not enough to make even a processor that could handle that memory performance. Fortunately, technology has advanced and we have available on Android TV anywhere in the world. We can find a lot of free applications and websites […]

Like watching TV US Cellular

When we go on vacation or permanently live abroad, one of the things we have to keep in mind is television. We may have not yet bought one, and all we have is our cell phone to view it. With the advancement of new technologies, we can clearly see any TV channel in our Android […]

Like watching movies in cell

Surely if you ask any web to watch streaming movies on your PC, you have no problem saying several. But things get complicated when you have to indicate some for viewing from a mobile phone: the reason is that they are not always very effective, consume too many resources and is not as up to […]

Like watching football in cell

Surely if you’re a football, on occasion you ever wondered if there is any way you can watch the games directly from your phone or tablet. The good news is that if: there are some applications where we can see the most emblematic and expected … ah parties, and without paying a penny. The amount […]

See TV Dominican Republic in mobile phone

Dominicans would not be less than other countries where we have already talked about how to watch free television via telephone. This time we tried Dominican television, a free app developed by Jeffrey Rojas with which to see a large number of local and national channels in the country. Digital 15, NSC 37, Altera 5, […]