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When we go on vacation or permanently live abroad, one of the things we have to keep in mind is television. We may have not yet bought one, and all we have is our cell phone to view it.

With the advancement of new technologies, we can clearly see any TV channel in our Android mobile phone smooth and without stoppages. For this all essential it is to have Internet connection (preferably wireless mobile data as quickly consumed).

Some ways to watch free TV in the US

It is one of the most interesting ways. It is a website that collects, in turn, all the official sites of TV channels. For example, if we want to see what is currently airing the channel “Nasa TV”, all you have to do is move to find and open the web.

He starts playing the video streaming on your mobile phone as if we were watching TV. Over 50 channels available to us, the US, to see the content we want without having to pay.


It is another site very similar to the above. It allows us to see all available channels by selecting a certain location. His style is highly optimized and is pleasant to the public. Furthermore, it is very intuitive, even for people who have not yet used this type of websites.

We will indicate the channel name followed by the language of issue. If we are to watch free television in the US, language, logically, it will be in English. In addition, we can also see the television from almost anywhere in the world.

– Online-TV (

Virtually identical to the above but with a distinct difference. Before entering the channel indicates the bit rate at which the video plays (the higher the bitrate, higher quality). Another good option to view channels from the USA and any other country for free.

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