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Surely if you ask any web to watch streaming movies on your PC, you have no problem saying several. But things get complicated when you have to indicate some for viewing from a mobile phone: the reason is that they are not always very effective, consume too many resources and is not as up to date as we would like.

However, there are still some very interesting options for doing so. Then we will see the top 3 of applications for watching movies in streaming highlights of Google Play.

– Movie Streaming

It is among the first results when searching “streaming movies” in the Google Play. It has a very basic interface, with an aesthetic that seems to have as many years.

But we must not let that fool you, the program is fully functional. It allows us to find movies that are currently in the film and some you have in the database.

The main problem is that it has a wide variety of repertoire; It is intended, rather, to see current movies.

– Video Streaming

This application is very good but has a big “but”. The version that we find to download only a demo, if we want the original program, without limitation, we will have to pay for it.

We have access to a lot of movies in the best quality on the market. Worth paying for it and have access to a lot of very entertaining multimedia resources.

– Viki TV and Movies

This application is characterized by being completely developed by fans. We have access to movies, online channels, series and music videos. It has a small limitation is that not all content that can be found is available for all countries.

Although there are more applications, these are the three most outstanding having highly privileged places in the Google Play. As always, we invite you to try and be yourself who decide which is best for your needs.

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