Like watching football in cell

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Surely if you’re a football, on occasion you ever wondered if there is any way you can watch the games directly from your phone or tablet. The good news is that if: there are some applications where we can see the most emblematic and expected … ah parties, and without paying a penny.

The amount of application that this function is increasing every year. Here we offer three different options, today, still worked perfectly

– Free Football Online

This app is one of the most downloaded from Google Play. It allows us to watch football streaming. Nothing to install a complete list of channels that we can choose appear.

We can see that many of them are paid (at least in our usual television) but here we can watch completely free of charge.

It is an application that does not take up too much space or resources on your phone; ideal for watching a match anywhere … but beware, be sure to do so with a WiFi connection or your mobile data will definitely consumed.

– Splive TV

Another application be competing for the leadership of the most viewed or downloaded. It is virtually identical to the previous one in terms performance, but this is more recent (2014).

It also has a more aesthetic interface. In the channel list us a small indication (red and green) that will indicate whether the channel is not available will appear. We see any football channel with amazing quality.

– Ustream

It is an application designed exclusively for football streaming; it us to any program or series. It is a powerful multimedia app with a lot of options that we want to see that content.

Even we can discuss some programs and chat with others who are also watching the program. A very interesting and varied choice.

These are some of the main options available to see the free football on your mobile phone, as always, try them and decide for yourself who according to your needs and type of connection.

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