Free television Morocco

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The arrival of the Terrestrial Digital Television to Morocco, known by its initials TDT, has brought with it a big television variety of grilled channels and the fact is that in the antiquity, most of its citizens could only gain access to the emission of the public television.

The National Society of Broadcasting and Television (SNRT), the public television of Morocco, administers at present up to seven channels of tv and four of radio.

– To the Aoula

There is the channel of major hearing of Morocco and is even known coloquialmente the Moroccan Television or SNRT 1, to the being the first one that saw the light of seven channels that arranges the group of radio television.

He has big variety in its programming and expresses most of the time in French and Arab, although due to its closeness, he has small spaces in Spanish.

– Arryadia

With less than ten years of antiquity, the channel is three of the Moroccan television (SNRT 3) and it specializes in the emission of sports events and summaries, therefore if you want to continue some sport from your cell phone celebrated in Morocco or internationally, it is the best free option.

– Arrabi

If yours the sports are not, but the culture and the formation, Arrabi known as SNRT 4, specializes in this type of contents, with informative and educational programs as documentary and history.

– Aflam TV

With only seven years of existence, Aflam TV is born to gather in only one channel the best series and movies both from national and international production, therefore in a little time it has turned into one of the favorite channels of the marroquís.

How you can see, the television of Morocco stands out for having thematic channels. A strategy different from that of other countries that mix its programs but effective enough since it allows to its citizens without scarcely sailing with the remote control, to find its favorite programming. Now you already know how to see the free television of completely free Morocco from your cell phone.

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